4th edition WINTER 2018

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There has been an enormous amount JOY & CELEBRATION at ReadyStepGrow in recent months and I’m thrilled to share some success stories with you in this edition.

First is our NEW program for late preterm babies (born 32-27 weeks). This suggestion came from Dr Danielle Freeman (Neonatal Paediatrician) and makes so much sense because 85% of babies born early are late preterm. Adding this program to our schedule means we can ensure even more premmies get the best start (see below for event information).

Next came the wonderful news that our long term program volunteer Michelle Denford came second out of 3,098 applicants for her application to The Grants Hub. A huge congratulations to Michelle. She earned ReadyStepGrow a 12 month Premium membership to The Grants Hub which goes a long way in helping our volunteer grants team with the tireless work they do.

Another cause for celebration was being named the successful recipients of funding from Mazda Foundation to help ReadyStepGrow reduce social isolation for vulnerable children and their parents - talk about a match made in heaven! It is so exciting for us to partner with Mazda Foundation to continue the important work we do.

And we seem to be on a roll because next we received third place in the Medical Charity category for My Giving Circle’s July funding round. Thanks so much to everyone who voted - 3rd place earned us $1000 from uBank. All it takes is your vote and we could be up for another grant in December.

Then came our much loved annual Gala Dinner at the Melbourne Arts Centre. This was a huge success in both the fundraising and friend raising stakes.

A huge shout out of thanks to all our guests who completely embraced the Masquerade theme and listened to heartfelt speeches from both our Treasurer Sarah Grove (see Board Profile), who opened the night and ReadyStepGrow Mum Jessica Smith, who captivated the room with her learnings about what it takes to position oneself as a parent advocate (see Jessica's story).

If ReadyStepGrow is a cause close to your heart, our Gala is the perfect event for you to hear the amazing stories of our families and celebrate the work our team do. Check out the Gala Gallery below and….

Save the date June 15, 2019 & please bring along a table of ten

And the final exciting news piece is our 18 strong RSG Team stepping in out for our Run/Walk Melbourne campaign and (so far) raising more than $8000. Thank you so much to this team - our best yet - helping us out so prems at ReadyStepGrow can get the best start.

If running or the 5KM walk is not your thing, there is a FREE family friendly event on the Saturday called THE FRIENDSHIP DASH as an option where you can still join our team AND fundraise for RSG (join team below).

We would just LOVE it if you could join us!

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