Team Profile - Andrea Tovey

Andrea Tovey - Program Co-ordinator

Andrea Tovey - Program Co-ordinator

What attracted you to RSG?

My daughter Sia had just graduated at the end of last year after four years at ReadyStepGrow. RSG has assisted with so much growth so I was extremely passionate about the program.  The knowledge learnt in class was so easy to implement at home and made such a difference in her daily life.

What sparked your interest in working with prems in the first place?

Sia was born at 30 weeks. She had grade 3 bilateral brain bleeds and we were told she could be blind, deaf, have a low iq or cerebral palsy. She went on to be diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 6 months old. We heavily invested our time in early intervention including ready step grow. Watching the change early intervention had on not just Sia but some of her hospital friends I was amazed at how the brain can form new pathways. I am extremely passionate about early intervention.

What advice do you wish all families would receive in the NICU?

A lot of professionals tell you to ‘just wait and see’. I wish I was told the opposite. Get out there and invest in not only your child but also yourself. It can be a long road but so very rewarding. The small steps to others are HUGE to prem parents.  

Favourite Children's Book?

Time for Bed by Mem Fox. My daughter and son both love this as their bedtime story.

Favourite holiday destination?

Anything tropical and relaxing.