3rd ed. Autumn 2018

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Thank you so much for joining “The Inside Step” so we can keep you up to date with exciting RSG news. Not least our graduating RSG alumni pictured above (who now become life time members of our Seedlings Association). The older graduate is our wonderful speech pathologist Naomi. Congratulations to all!

You may have noticed it's getting pretty crowded at RSG HQ lately. Our individual therapy service is absolutely THRIVING. Which is exactly what we want! Early detection and timely intervention for developmental delays means premmies at RSG really do get the best start! Last term, the 8 strong therapy team delivered:

  • 53 hours of programs to 44 prems and their parents
  • 32 hours of individual therapy

 All this was achieved with only 3 days access to ONE ROOM which has in part, inspired the creation of a Distance Learning option for Tiny Premmies. Read more... (Nicu is over - now what?)

If you think providing our service from just one room is impressive? I’ll tell you how it's possible...

Our program co-ordinator Andrea Tovey has shown astronomical resourcefulness to make it happen.  She is like a magician when it comes to scheduling and creates the most amazing opportunities; where others might say - "it can’t be done"…  Andrea says "I’ll show you how!"  She definitely walks the talk of the RSG hashtag #improvingpremmieoutcomes. The whole organisation and families we serve are indebted to Andrea’s passion and dedication. Read more about Andrea in our Team Profile!

While Andrea's creativity is working for now, it is not a long term solution and we need to find a way to scale up beyond Anderson Park.

Please take a look at the "Get Involved" section below to see how you can help launch ReadyStepGrow into the next stage of GROWTH!

We love working with you to give our premmies the best start!

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