ReadyStepGrow is a wonderful organisation that provides developmentally targeted, play-based early intervention for premature babies. These new sessions for late preterm babies will be very useful for many of my patients and families.
— Dr Danielle Freeman - Neonatal Paediatrician
When I speak with people about ReadyStepGrow I tell them how it is a wonderful group dedicated to ensuring preterm babies can develop and reach their full potential. I tell them of the benefits it brings to Artemus. How excited he becomes when he sees Anderson Park. How much fun he has at each session. And how it is so important that he attends. But, really I should also be telling them about how ReadyStepGrow is a wonderful group for parents. How I found ReadyStepGrow in the midst of despair. How at ReadyStepGrow I found a group where I could voice my concerns and tell my fears and not be judged. How I have found people that have become my friends who I look forward to seeing. And how slowly, without realising, ReadyStepGrow has played a role in helping to lift me out of the despair I had when I first attended with Scott and Artemus.
— Orietta Surace (Aurelius & Artemus 25 weeks)
The Circle of Security program really helped me see my child for who she is, rather than what I thought I wanted her to be. It’s helped me connect with her on a deeper level as I see her move on the circle. The program also really helped me become aware of certain feelings I become uncomfortable about. By becoming aware of these feelings, I feel that I am able to make a choice which makes me feel more in control. I feel that after doing the program, I’m a different person. I feel more confident and comfortable with myself. Thank you Simone, I loved the program.
— Neha Mahindru
Circle of Security - I have enjoyed the course. It has given me insight into the way in which relationships between parents and children are structured and within a circle children revolve. The course has also helped me to recognise and organise so many concepts that I have heard of in the past. The course has been amazing!
— Orietta Surace
Circle of Security - A fantastic experience and journey to take in a group environment. With Simone being the facilitator, I found the delivery of it to be amazing. I have enjoyed coming on Mondays and am sad to see it end. Now, I will focus on implementing all that we have learnt over the 2 months. Thank you Simone, I love your passion, you have shared invaluable tools and information with all of us.
— Tracey Trueman
Circle of Security - One of the most insightful programs. It can benefit children from newborn to young adult. I would like to the see the program being offered again, particularly to busy fathers. As it is important to have a united front regarding parenting. It will be interesting to participate in the program in 12 months to see / learn about new developmental challenges and reflect on existing parental style. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in understanding and supporting their children better. Thanks Simone for facilitating a wonderful course.
— Yi Zhang
I don’t have anything other than a ‘premature’ experience, so I have nothing to compare my journey with each of my girls to. All I know, is that ReadyStepGrow has allowed me to ‘normalise’ my experience as well as ensure that I am doing all possible to monitor my girls and their development in a way that will allow me to address any issues as early as possible.

I would like to share with you something that I read recently in an article about a professor who is studying the long term effects of prematurity here in Melbourne, and he said of his 25 years of research:
”What we’ve found is that although the survival rates of premature babies are going up, the quality of survival hasn’t improved substantially.”

I believe that ReadyStepGrow has substantially improved the quality of my girls lives. I can say with confidence that I am a better mother and my girls are reaching their full potential thanks to you.
— Kellie Anderson (Holly 27weeks, Lily & Charlotte 27weeks)

I’m so grateful to RSG for the physiotherapy needs assessment, Ruth is a star! She was exceptionally thorough and the best paed physio experience I’ve had on this journey so far.
— Jessica Smith (Jacob & Alexander 30 weeks)

In NICU you think discharge is the end. But really, it’s just the beginning.
— Susan Mann (Eve & Matisse 26 weeks)

This is an amazing program. Register today - it’s absolutely life changing.
— Erin Hickey (Ryder pictured)

Following NICU, prior to ReadyStepGrow I was shy, timid, anxious, and angry. I had lost myself. ReadyStepGrow brought me back to life. Week on week there is always a part of the session at ReadyStepGrow for the mothers and fathers (my husband still talks about his session at ReadyStepGrow and reads the session notes religiously). Soon, I started to notice how I was changing. Anger left first, then sadness followed, allowing myself to feel vulnerable in all it’s finest. ReadyStepGrow is a must for any premmie family... I will look back at this time when Jack starts school and I will know that our family has done everything it can to give him the very best start in life, but I also know that my husband will look back and thank ReadyStepGrow for giving him his wife back.
Not only has Jack had the very best start, as parents we also have.
— Laura Anderson (Jack 28 weeks)

ReadyStepGrow is the missing link I have been seeking for some time.
— Simone Mathieson-Dear (Kristian 28 weeks)

I couldn’t recommend ReadyStepGrow enough for prems and their families. Early childhood intervention services, maternal & child health nurses and even some Mothers’ groups don’t always “get” what having a prem means. As a parent, there’s so much confidence to be gained by tapping into the knowledge and experience of the team at ReadyStepGrow.
— Jacinta Leach (Will 25 weeks)

I was referred to ReadyStepGrow by our pediatrician. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for my Son Patrick who was born at 28weeks and for myself. I can not thank them enough.
— Natalie Mirabella (Patrick 28 weeks)

Wonderful place for premmie mum’s to connect and support each other whilst their children learn in a caring and gentle environment. Wish I’d found it sooner and been able to be a part of the family longer.
— Clare Gibson (Nate 28 weeks)

We went along to ReadyStepGrow sessions in 2015. Looking back now, I don’t think I realised how overwhelmed my little one was with the world around her. I think it took 2 terms for her to settle in and fully engage with the activities and I watched as slowly she blossomed from the shy kid who wouldn’t listen to the engaged confident kid I see today. Last week we started group music classes and I watched her stride in with such confidence and give every activity a red hot go with coordination and so much enthusiasm. Even the teacher mentioned that she couldn’t believe how fast she just settled. I really think I owe so much to Simone and ReadyStepGrow programs. I saw in music class today how everything we had been working on last year came together for her. I couldn’t be prouder and more grateful to the ReadyStepGrow team.
— Katie Murray (Tilly 31 weeks)

The most amazing resources & support for the parents of prems, as well as the premmie bubs themselves. I can’t recommend it enough.
— Rebecca Bell (Monty 33 weeks)