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“When I speak with people about ReadyStepGrow I tell them how it is a wonderful group dedicated to ensuring preterm babies can develop and reach their full potential. I tell them of the benefits it brings to Artemus. How excited he becomes when he sees Anderson Park. How much fun he has at each session. And how it is so important that he attends. But, really I should also be telling them about how ReadyStepGrow is a wonderful group for parents. How I found ReadyStepGrow in the midst of despair. How at ReadyStepGrow I found a group where I could voice my concerns and tell my fears and not be judged. How I have found people that have become my friends who I look forward to seeing. And how slowly, without realising, ReadyStepGrow has played a role in helping to lift me out of the despair I had when I first attended with Scott and Artemus.”
— Orietta Surace (Aurelius & Artemus 25 weeks)