NICU is over - now what?


Susan Mann found ReadyStepGrow when one of her twin girls Eve was still in hospital. She reflects on finding the team out to #improvepremmieoutcomes

"I remember the excitement I felt at finding something that resonated so well with my parenting style. Something that wasn’t “dumbed down”. Finally, I was learning something that I hadn’t already been able to learn myself from Google! Even before my girls came home, I connected with Simone and felt such relief that there was something out there once we were thrown out of hospital. I felt safe knowing I wouldn’t be on my own at the end of this."

And of course discharge is never the end of this. In NICU you think that the finish line is home. Oh, no... Discharge is just the beginning.
— Susan Mann, pictured with Eve & Matisse (26 weeks)

Not surprisingly, many families who have found their way to ReadyStepGrow report it is not until 6 months after they are home from NICU or Special Care that they finally fall apart.

Here they find themselves, home where they belong. Finally home as a family. Home where it is all meant to come together - right? Maybe not. 

There is a tremendous amount of connection in the hospital that families may find comfort in. Comfort in being with other families and a shared experience. Comfort in knowing the treating team is there to answer questions at any point in the day or night. Comfort in the monitors that signal the slightest change in breathing or heart rate.

It is a big and exciting adjustment bringing your premmie home!

Have you thought about what supports you might need when you do?

ReadyStepGrow is now offering their Tiny Premmie Program (0-4 months corrected) via distance learning (from the comfort of your own home) so you can access 'what the research says' improves premmie outcomes.

Why ReadyStepGrow?

Premmies are at high risk of developmental differences and the best way to help is to get in early!

The team at ReadyStepGrow are specialised in premmie development and experts at working with families of very young babies, infants and children.

The ReadyStepGrow (RSG) Program focuses on areas of development where prems have been shown to be at highest risk. This is an “active” learning program where parents are encouraged to set goals and implement strategies with their child in between sessions. The more you put into the program means the more you will gain!

We work to empower parents because the research tells us parents who are feeling confident & capable - raise premmies who do better! 

Tiny Premmie Learning Objectives

  • Feeding: The Feeding Relationship, Ellyn Satter's division of responsibility, Mouthing, Experiencing Solids, All about Cup Drinking. Gross Motor
  • Gross Motor: Physiological Flexion, Tummy Time (tips & tricks to make it work!), Head shape & Facilitating Head Control.
  • Early Communication: Building a sensitive and reciprocal relationship your baby - one of the best predictors of success for premmies.
  • Play (the occupation of childhood): Playing with your newborn & recommended toys and equipment.
  • Parenting: Understanding attachment, introduction to Circle of Security 
  • Parent well-being: Sharing your story, Empathy, The Good Enough Parent, Normalising now your are home.

What is involved? (by phone or Facetime as you prefer)

Personalised guidance through the Tiny Premmie Program includes:

  • Welcome meeting (30 mins)
  • Pre-learning check in
  • Session content consultations (4 x 30 min)
  • Parent reflections and goal setting
  • Soft copies / hyperlinks to all information relating to learning objectives
  • Life time access to closed ReadyStepGrow Families Facebook page (supportive and informative connection)
  • Post-learning check in to measure our program impact

How much will I pay?

Invest in your child for = $320 AUD (subsidised)

Additional sibling (of multiples) = $160 AUD (subsidised)

ReadyStepGrow fundraising subsidises the real program cost = $660 (per child). 

*No refunds. Full program information will be provided should you need to withdraw.

When will the program begin?

We can align our schedule with yours, providing scheduled phone consultation times by mutual arrangement.

Not sure? Let Natalie tell you more….

If it wasn’t for ReadyStepGrow in the earlier days and time of need (for me and Patrick) I’m not sure he would be where he is today.
#weloveRSG #ex28weeker #forevergrateful
— Natalie Mirabella pictured with Patrick (born 28 weeks)
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