Premmie Development Check


Do you want peace of mind around your premmie's development?

ReadyStepGrow specialise in early intervention for premmies and help families know if the development of their babies, infants and children is on track.

Did you know? Research shows that standardised screening tools can reliably detect developmental delays in children as young as 4 months corrected age.

Knowing about delays as soon as possible improves your premmies long term outcomes. You could be one step closer to the best start for your premmie with access to the ReadyStepGrow therapy team and standardised developmental screening tools.  Our specialised team will take a look at how your premmie is doing in important areas, such as communication, physical ability, social skills, and problem-solving skills.

Our screening will help identify your child’s strengths as well as any areas where your child may need support.

We value parents and caregivers as experts when it comes to gaining important developmental information about your premmies and absolutely love working with you to achieve the best start possible!

What age does my child need to be?

4 months - 5 years (corrected age)

Is there a waiting list?

NO! ReadyStepGrow is committed to ensuring every premmie gets the best start in a timely manner! 

What do parents/carers need to do?

  • Register your interest online
  • You will receive an email with next steps
  • Complete 3-4 min registration including child birth history & any current concerns
  • Complete appropriate developmental screening/s
  • Schedule mutually beneficial time for phone consultation with RSG therapist

What will ReadyStepGrow provide?

Following payment you will receive:

  • Access to the closed ReadyStepGrow Facebook page

  • Personalised screening plan for your child (up to 3 different screenings depending on needs)

  • Standardised developmental screening/s as appropriate for your child's age and addressing any areas of concern

  • Interpretation of screening results by RSG therapy team and clarification with parents / carers around any areas of development where more information is required

  • Appointment by phone to communicate results and provide you with an opportunity to ask questions

Results include:

  • Premmies strengths

  • Areas where your child might need further support

  • Recommendations / activities targeting any areas requiring additional support

How much?

$150 AUD for first child

(Multiples = First child + $75 AUD for each additional child)