Angus Martin Custom Artwork

 My partner was premature, so I loved that I could contribute to this.
— Angus Martin

Artist Statement: Angus Martin is an Adelaide born, Sydney based Artist, awarded with the “South Australian Arts Excellence Award in 2012”. With a simple approach to figurative art - His work centers around capturing the feelings and emotions that arise from love and relationships. All pieces have a goal of initiating an emotional response, which people can relate to their own experience.

Description: The custom piece created for ReadyStepGrow titled ‘Treasure’ is created with a continuous line to represent never-ending love. It depicts a family in a heart-shaped embrace, providing shelter for the child, who is placed close to their hearts. The combination of Black ink, against 100% cotton white paper is used to represent the positive meaning behind both colours, which sums up the intention behind the piece. The colour black, representing protection, comfort, and beginnings and white, which is considered to be the color of perfection, representing safety and innocence.