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support for premature children

Paediatric Occupational Therapist

"I found the work you are doing to support premature children and their families, so inspiring. From both personal and professional experience, I know how much an organization such as yours can do to inspire, advocate and educate for our little premmies." Aimie


Sia born at 30 weeks

Sia was born in her 30th week. The hospital did everything they could to stop her but she had a mind of her own early on. She was on CPAP for a short time and otherwise was doing extremely well. On day 7 they did a routine head scan and discovered that Sia had suffered a severe brain bleed (bi lateral). We were told she could be blind, deaf, have a low iq or have cerebral palsy. We were devastated and knowing it would be a long wait to see what the damage would be was hard.

After nearly two months we got to bring our baby home. Three weeks later she was not herself, we were sent to emergency and after a horrible day of tests we were told she had bacterial meningitis and had to be moved to ICU. We spent close to a month in hospital. Once home we had MRI's to check what damage her brain bleed had done. Shortly after she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Sia has shown how important therapy is. She rarely used her left arm, through intervention she now has perfect symmetry. Her brain has created new pathways. We wanted to give her every opportunity to be her best and ReadyStepGrow is everything we were looking for. A place where we could give her the best start in an environment that is fun and relaxed. Andrea

Asha & Maya's story

ReadyStepGrow "helped reduce my girl's separation anxiety and their need to be physically with me all the time, it increased their confidence to learn and play independently and with other children. It taught them to cope in group situations and gave them the confidence to have a voice of their own. Asha and Maya took part in their first ReadyStepGrow program at two years old and completed three terms in the lead up to starting Kindergarten this year." Anita Woods


Prem twins ready for school

"Thanks again for the session last night, it was really informative. I will confess to wavering between despair over the start we had, anger that we didn't get the information early, hope that it would all be ok and vindication that we have instinctively been doing the right things." Deb


Mum of an Ex 25 Weeker

"It was great to meet you all last week. To hear from three people who clearly care so much and who have so much to give was really inspiring. It was great to finally hear health and education professionals say that it is not good enough to 'wait and see' and that we should be proactive in our children’s care (something that I have always tried to be)." Fiona


Bavage family praise ReadyStepGrow parenting program

"Our son Charlie is nearly 3 years old and was born at 29 weeks. We have been very lucky with our journey however want to be as proactive as we can in terms of enriching his development, especially in these early formative years. We attended a couple of the ReadyStepGrow (RSG) information evenings earlier this year and were delighted when they decided to run the 'Circle of Security' program. The RSG team are so passionate about the journey of children born prematurely and it has meant a lot for us to have the support of experts, helping us to give our child the best start. The program is a must for all parents and has given us a much deeper understanding of Charlie, his needs and what we can do to ensure secure attachment with many positive flow on effects. Our relationship with our son was great before but understanding the 'Circle' has improved it remarkably and we have noticed big changes in his learning and behaviour. I highly recommend RSG and especially the 'Circle of Security' program." Kimberley



"I want to let you know how we feel about Chris and the Cogmed program. Chris has struggled since prep and my husband and I are always looking for ways we can help him as we can see that he is a bright boy but this does not translate to his reading and writing. The educational specialist, paediatrician, neuropsychologist and Speech Pathologist have all reported that Chris is a bright active boy and no formal diagnosis of his delay can be found other than his prematurity and low birth weight. Cogmed helped Chris concentrate better and be less active. Before Cogmed Chris was taking dangerous risks in his climbing and play e.g. Jumping fences, climbing water tanks, doing things which he knew he shouldn't but he would say "I can't help it". This impulsiveness and hyperactivity has settled down meaning that he is more engaged on a one-to one learning session. We saw an immediate improvement in his behaviour and reading after the COGMED program. We will continue to help Chris as much as possible and he will start occupational therapy next month. Whilst no one thing is the magic fix for Chris we would still seek the intervention of all above named specialists and the Cogmed program. Chris' teachers have also played a huge role in his improvements and have been supportive of all the above mentioned intervention." Louise


"It does seem crazy that we fight so hard to look after these amazing babies when they are born then send them on their way. It makes sense that the different start to life that prems have compared to full-term babies will have some effect on the way they learn. I am sure that we could be doing more but wonder if parents and even teachers, know how to help ex-prems. What you are doing sounds amazing”. Nikki

Premmie born 25 + 6 days

ReadyStepGrow footprint icon

"I think if it wasn't for RSG I may still just be being told it is all "just normal toddler behaviour" (which i am sure SOME of it is!!!!), and "he'll catch up", and I would be feeling that because my concerns are not in the severity of autism or cerebral palsy, that I shouldn't worry. [If so] I would not be getting the support that we need or our child deserves! So thank you! ReadyStepGrow is amazing." A ReadyStepGrow Mum

Sara and Miguel


[Cogmed] "It's like yoga for the brain – it stretches your child's concentration and focus abilities." Sara

"Simone is a great conveyor of the Cogmed program making its users feel total support at all times, which is crucial for the success of the program. I strongly recommend Simone for anyone considering Cogmed." Miguel



First Response to ReadyStepGrow...

"I am most excited about  your program & believe this project will make a huge difference to parents with preterm babies well into the future! I was thrilled to hear about this new venture, and the potential of making a big difference in the lives of so many! Congratulations & well done to all involved! I believe this [program] will provide our son with the missing link I have been seeking for quite some time now!” 

...after a year in the ReadyStepGrow program

"Thank you for an incredible 12 months - RSG was the best decision I have ever made!!!  Kristian is now a confident, strong, and thriving little boy with improved cognitive, fine motor and working memory as a result of your incredible, selfless, dedicated work. You will forever hold a special place in our hearts!" Simone. Stewart, Kristian and Alika


Premmie loves sensory play

Premmie loves sensory play

"One thing I always remember from the term we did at ReadyStepGrow was about how sensory play is really important for Prems so I've always made an effort to look for opportunities where Sullivan can participate in tactile experiences. This must have paid off as staff at his Childcare Centre often comment on how Sullivan is regularly one of the first kids to dive in when they put out any sensory play activities (the messier the better!!!). Thanks RSG!!" - Nicole Koglin


Premmie twin girls at play

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session on Thursday night and am looking forward to what RSG can offer us as a family. In fact I have hardly stopped thinking about it since!!  Keep up the great work, and word will spread itself. I am happy to share your message because I know how much you have helped me already and our journey has just begun!!" Susan

Tiny D

Tiny D

"This morning myself and my little guy are attending our last day of term at Ready.Step.Grow - sad face!  I just wanted to take a minute out of my day and thank Simone and the team at RSG for the work they do for our little prems. It is an amazing support network for parents of prems but also a wonderful tool to optimise the development of our babies born too soon... hopefully with the work that RSG does, we'll see a drop in the number of premmies making it to school age and struggling compared to other kids.  I've referred a few of my clients to Ready.Step.Grow and will continue to spread the word and do so to support this much needed organisation.  If you have a premmie please do yourself a favour and sign up for ONE term... you won't regret it!  Dante and I were one of the original attendees when they were just starting out, and now almost three years on we are still heading back for more!" Katia of Tiny D's photography


  • Aimie

    support for premature children Paediatric Occupational Therapist "I found the work you are doing to support premature children and their families, so inspiring. From Read More
  • Andrea

    Sia born at 30 weeks Sia was born in her 30th week. The hospital did everything they could to stop her but she had a Read More
  • Asha & Maya's story

    Asha & Maya's story ReadyStepGrow "helped reduce my girl's separation anxiety and their need to be physically with me all the time, it increased Read More
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